Katerina Khramova (Kaufman) was born in Kaliningrad, a beautiful little Russian town caught between Lithuania and Poland. She spent the early years of her life in Kaliningrad. She was relatively introvert, and she found that the easiest way for her to express her feelings was to act and dance on stage. She took acting classes by patronage of accomplished director Boris Benenson, learning acting, the art of sword fighting, tap dance and choreography. At 16, she moved to Paris and enrolled in the renowned French Drama School Cours Florent studying Acting in English. In Paris, she also had the chance to be privately coached by Viviane Vagn and later on by Vernice Klier. Viviane and Vernice helped her understand herself and the foundations of being an actor. A few years later, she moved to Rome, where she started to write, and took classes in ceramics and art. In Rome, she realized that how much creating art improved her imagination and helped her with her acting. She moved to Los Angeles in 2015, continues living there today.

Katerina fluently speaks English, Italian, Russian and she is intensively learning French.

Funny facts: She regularly speaks to her three stuffed animals, named after the sounds they make: Aaaaww is a wolf, Aaammm is a lady bear who likes to eat, and Hiiiiii is a horse.

In her free time, you can find her writing in the Japanese garden at the Huntington library.